Saturday, October 22, 2005

Super fast update. I've got a bagel in the oven and I am only giving myself enough time for it toast to write here. Last night, after getting off work, bored and tired as all hell, I ran into Adele on my block and made her come with me to the Stay Gold opening before going back home. And I felt like such a certain type of person, getting off of work, and saying Man, I NEED a beer. And I went and had two even though I have claimed I am going to try not to drink. And those two beers, since I hadn't really eaten all day made me fairly drunk and way tired, and I passed out in bed after watching Charlie Rose and other people talk about Syria, which sort of terrifies me, what we (meaning the US) might do, and the sky is gray and I am ravenous and need to do sex work to do, and if I do, I might go watch Cremaster 3 wasted at Sunshine at midnight, and my bagel is most definitely burning.

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