Thursday, April 27, 2006

Adele came home and asked me if I was listening to Counting Crows.

I was shocked. "Counting Crows? Counting Crows? This is Bruce Springsteen!"

Before she came home, I was listening over and over to Bruce Springsteen, sort of losing my mind, getting really emotional over nothing, being vaguely stressed about not having a job, about living in New York, about missing backyards and beaches. I smell like jizz and it is very distressing since there is no reason for this, that I haven't masturbated in days and that I took a shower just a couple of hours ago. Perhaps it is because I haven't done laundry in something close to a month.

If I don't get this transcriptionist job, I really am going to lose my mind. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed that she calls me tomorrow. If I look at one more job listing, I am going to combust with unformed fury.

Counting Crows?

This is Bruce goddamned motherfucking Springsteen!

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