Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am within arm's reach of this job I want so bad and I am giddy and nervous and trying to stay even-headed so I won't be disappointed if I don't get it, which you know is very likely, since it sounded like this guy was interviewing a decent amount of people. But I should know by Tuesday he said.

The job itself would be being the front desk person at this agency with about ten scouts, that it is easy and would just require answering the phone, occasionally researching foreign rights to books they are interested in, and calling people to fix equipment when it breaks. So basically an easy receptionist job since no one really comes into the office, with the added bonus of getting exposed to this world of publishing deals and learning about authors before they've even been picked up by a publisher. Right now, this is my dream job. I mean, obviously it would be more of a "dream" job to be the scout, or to even be the writer represented by that scout, but for now, this is a somewhat attainable dream job that could very easily lead to other jobs with literary agencies.

The person I would be replacing is a cute homo about my age who is moving up to become the title scout's assistant. It pays in the low 20's which is enough to pay my bills and no longer be broke all the time, but besides that, this is the type of work I would like to be doing. It seems like a perfect job to get exposed to this world and make contacts. I want this job so fucking bad, seriously, I came home and threw off my clothes screaming PLLLLEEEEEASSSSEEEE to the heavens, throwing off these warms clothes and putting on shorts, but not fast enough and yes, I had a bit of coffee which is making me more of a nut than usual.

And the interview went fairly good, not totally smashing, but good. The guy seemed a little tired interviewing me but friendly enough. He asked me what I had been reading when he finally came out to the lobby (where I had been waiting for a long time) and I told him the new David Mitchell book. And he told me that I was reading the right things, and that that was in my favor. Ha! I mean I guess I have already said it, but this job sounds thrilling to me because I am a total nerd for books and I want it so bad. And knowing that I have made it to this stage and that there are probably just several other people, probably less than ten who I am competing against makes it so frustrating. I want this job and if I don't get it, I will know that I was so close! Uh, all right, now to look for more jobs and keep us this momentum in case I do not get this one.

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