Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yes! I have finally done it, despite my worries that it would socially isolate me even further and I would never again find out about cool parties and open bars, but since I haven't been going to them lately, it doesn't really seem to matter to me right now. This is hours of my day I am again reclaiming to waste in (hopefully) more productive ways.

All I ever did was look at the profiles of people I wanted to sleep with, or in the trainwreck way of observing how lame most of the people from my high school still appear to be. I said good bye to Friendster months ago, and was too weak then to also say goodbye to this site. But after months of wanting to do it, and given the determination that three beers will give you, I said, Fuck You Myspace, See your ass later. I mean the main boy whose profile I liked to look at was just on Friendster and not on Myspace, so that helped the decision also. I am free! It feels so good!

And so now, I hope that you all still in that world will keep me connected and tell me what events I should know about and attend. First day of work in countdown eleven hours!

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