Friday, April 7, 2006

I missed out on the past few days worth of crosswords and so did not get to experience that gradual progression, and instead have gone from feeling like a champ for completing Monday's (mildly controversial) puzzle, to feeling totally frustrated and subliterate for only getting three of the clues in today's puzzle. I could stare at this puzzle all day and try to conquer it, but luckily today, there are things to get done and I will only be able to stare at this puzzle part of the day, maybe not any more of it, if my schedule goes according to plans.

In an hour, I am supposed to go see a regular, which will put some cash in my otherwise empty pocket, and from there, I am going to walk to the Strand, where my copy of Black Swan Green is supposedly waiting for me, and which I am going to read nonstop (this, unless something goes terribly wrong, is what is going to prevent me from glancing at this crossword puzzle), then a trip to Walgreens to pick up some essentials, you know like toothpaste since I am gettting tired of wrestling with the tube trying to squeeze out the remaining dollops of it, and since it doesn't seem my roommates are in any rush to purchase a new tube.

And then laundry, so my clothes don't smell like ass anymore. I plan on reading nonstop during laundry, and at some point, taking a break to shower, eat and get ready to go see this play, Los Big Names, which I have comp tickets to go see. Um, then more David Mitchell!

And no, I don't have a job, don't have any potential ones, have not really figured out what I am doing with myself, but today, for a brief while, I have pleasing distractions from those thoughts.

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