Monday, April 3, 2006

Yesterday, I tried doing the Sunday crossword puzzle, and was left feeling pretty humbled, realized that I did not know that much, and that there are apparently a whole mass of people, Sunday crossword puzzler doers, who are way more knowledgable than me. I got maybe about ten of the 250 clues yesterday. It was a totally frustrating experience. And so, I was eager to get today's paper and do the easiest day of the week's puzzles, to redeem myself in my own mind's eye. And I am very excited to say that I completed today's crossword puzzle just now.

Further proof, as if you needed it, that I really need a job. In Mr. Sammler's Planet, Sammler had this young relative who had his father buy him an office for him to go to work to everyday and to start a law practice. With the office, however, he just went to it each day and did the crossword puzzle as if it was his job, and he would occasionally ask Sammler about specific clues. I identified so much with that section of the book, knowing how it feels to do the crossword puzzle, as if doing it is some form of work and that is should count as such. Oh, how I wish. I guess it's time to look for a job now that I now longer have the distraction of the crossword puzzle to make me feel as if I am doing something with my time.

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