Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” is being played really loud over and over again. Being played by me because this song is amazing.

This weekend:
Friday night: Awesome head, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Saturday: Curb Your Enthusiasm, John Adams, Judgement at Nuremberg, awesome masturbation
Sunday: awesome masturbation, John Adams, Mariah Carey, and...

Tomorrow, I start working and am so excited. Last night, walking home from the grocery store as night was just setting in, there was a sliver of a moon, almost a new moon, and I asked myself a question I ask myself a lot on such nights. I can see the full circle of the moon even though most of it is shadowed by the earth, can trace the outline of it in the night sky - but can I really, though? Or do I just see the sliver, and like connect the dots, imagine the circle that the sliver is part of? Am I really seeing the shadowed moon, or just projecting my knowledge of it onto the night sky?

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