Friday, April 7, 2006

Remember how just a few hours ago, I was predicting how great today was going to be, how unless something went horribly wrong, I would be reading David Mitchell all day and night long. Well, nothing went horribly wrong, more like comically wrong, more proof (as if you need it) that I do not have things together, and am an easily confused mess.

The details of which are a little too time consuming and too tedious to detail in full, so the short version will have to suffice. Got a call last night, someone wanted to get together. I said today during the afternoon. They said 2:30. I said sure. They said let me give you the address. I said Don't worry, I still have it. And for some reason I had thought this conversation was with a Bob, the Bob I occasionally see because it sounded like him. I show up at Bob's at 2:30. The doorman says he doesn't think Bob is in. So I call Bob to find out that he is in Mexico and I certainly did not make plans with him last night. I was totally confused and overwhelmed by this for a bit. Then I tried to figure out who this person I did make plans with was. I find the number in my phone and call it, curious who this was, and they said Paul and that I had seen them before, and I didn't want to press for too many details and sound rude for not remembering them. They said they couldn't get together anymore today and would call me this weekend. And so I went home very confused still sans the exciting new book I was going to purchase, and searched through old emails to find this person and I saw them like a year ago. Of course, that is why I did not remember them. But yes, a fairly embarrassing interaction with the doorman, with Bob, and with Paul.

I am leaving for this play soon and hopefully nothing will go wrong. Hopefully tickets will be waiting for me and I can see it and laugh really hard and feel like I did something at least with this day. But man, tomorrow, sex work needs to happen for sure somehow so I can buy this book and of course, toothpaste.

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