Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So I sent out resumes and cover letters left and right this morning, to just about any ad I was even mildly qualified for, some of which I would have hated. And no, despite my being overqualified for many of these dreadful jobs, I did not hear back from them. At least, not yet. I have however heard back from one of the exciting jobs I applied for. Granted, it's not the job with Harlequin (the cheesy romance book publisher), but still it is awesome, or maybe not - probably not, probably boring office work, but at least it is for an awesome company. And again, everything is comparitive.

I have an interview on Thursday with a literary scouting agency. And I have a general idea of what a literary agency does, but I had no clue applying to this job what a literary scouting agency does. But from what I can gather, they obtain and help sell foriegn and translation rights to books. Fingers crossed that this interview goes fucking awesome. Maybe I'll even hear back from some of these other literary jobs I applied for. Maybe even Harlequin. Toes crossed.

And I have some news that I am about a year behind on, but The Emancipation of Mimi is fucking awesome. Sasha Frere-Jones' interesting article (also about a year late) about Mariah Carey totally (re)sparked my interest in her and last night in bed, I listened to these tracks totally dancing and listening to the insane things her voice can do. But again, you probably have already tired of this album that I am just discovering.

In other music news you may not know (but very well probably do considering how behind I am on the Mimi album), there is this Brazilian group, Bonde do Role [via BrooklynVegan], and oh my God, they are totally awesome and have me dancing like a maniac. And I can see myself tiring of this band so quickly, but right now, they make me lose my mind (in the good way).

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