Wednesday, April 5, 2006

All right, now I really have no excuse for watching Idol anymore, not that there was ever really an excuse. By far, the most talented, the only inspired singer was booted off, Mandisa. My mouth dropped in shock and watching the other contestants, I really think it was happiness, relief on their faces, that the best person in the competition was eliminated and now a mediocrity, maybe even them (fingers crossed) could be the winner.

I want to smash everyone else's skinny faces. Except for Taylor. I do love Taylor. But, bullshit is what this is.

My head is a mess and I just want to sleep forever. I am sort of in love with a reality show contestant, and no, not Christian (yuck!), but some sleazy guy on some sleazy greed show, Unanimous/ Earlier, this evening, I had resolved to quit watching tv altogether except for Law and Order and The O.C.. Of course, I am not holding to this resolution so well. I did however manage to not watch Top Model tonight. Not that that is saying much, saying anything. And why do I love this over worked out sleaze bag? Um, duh, because I heart sleaze bags, especially ripped ones.

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