Sunday, April 16, 2006

I had dinner with my mom and Kent at Bamonte's and God, I have not had such good food in the longest time. The place is a bit out of the way, on a small street next to the BQE but was totally packed and the man at the next table sounded so much like Joe Pesci and I didn't giggle even though I wanted to and I ate so much food and even despite the espresso I had afterward, am having trouble staying awake, am having trouble not rolling around in my sheets with my full belly and making pleasurable purring noises. And the place was really loud, which was good because I was making moaning noises eating just about everything I ate.

My mom brought me an easter basket and a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies and that dinner went nice and I am glad it is over with so I no longer have to fret about it. And oh my God, that espresso was amazing and I sort of have a coffee fetish (in case you did not know) and I want more coffee right now. But I am going to resist because I know once my fullness wears off, I am going to be totally wired and unable to sleep and will lie awake thinking terrible thoughts and feeling all alone in this great big universe and my pillowcase has holes in it and I notice them when I have trouble sleeping, blame my restlessness on that, these holes, focusing on them rather than bigger holes. These ones have easy answers, a new pillowcase.

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