Friday, June 14, 2002

10 Things I Like About Madison

My last post was really whiney, and since I am in a good mood now, here are things that are wonderful about Madison:

-the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store that is staffed by hipsters who blare indie rock

-the Wily St Co-op right next door, which is where the oft mentioned LoverBoy works, and where he was working today. I tried to wait in his line to check out, but some stupid boy came out of nowhere and started working at the next register and told me he could ring me up. I wasn't going to say "No, I'm in love with this boy, I must stay in this line, get the fuck away from me you very much unLoverBoy cashier" - and so, I went to the other boys line and missed out on getting to talk to LoverBoy.

-cheese curds

-I think I have already mentioned all the cute boys.

-I think I'm allergic to peaches, and no, this is not a good thing, so I guess I should not be listing it here. But yeah - I was eating a peach on my walk back home from the co-op, and I swear to god, my lip just exploded. Think the Nutty Professor, at the very end, when Eddie Murphy's body just keeps rupturing into fatness in random places. One second my lip was a normal sized lip, and the next second I looked like Angelina fucking Jolie. I was so embarrassed walking home past tons of people, thinking they for sure would be trying not to look at me, but really actually looking at me - the way you do when you see someone physically deformed on the street, and don't want to be rude, but yet cannot suppress the gawking urge. I was sure that everyone was looking at my mondo lips. And, I'm not even sure if it is the peach or if it was just some random craziness my body was doing because I eat peaches occasionally and never encounter any allergic reactions, but I did used to be allergic to peaches when I was a kid and my face would swell, so maybe I still am. If so, that is real sad, because lately, I have become in love with peaches. At least, ones that are really in season. Because the ones that aren't are nastier than licking that stuff stuck between the crevices on the bottom of your sneakers. And the peach I ate today, was so fucking good. Mmm mmm.

-Bonnie's working at PIRG and me being home all day does have its advantages. Mainly, that I can now resume masturbating whenever I feel like it, which was nice indeed.

-Wonderful public radio stations.

-The past three nights I have been walking outside between eight and nine pm, and it is the most beautiful hour of the day. I am going to try to be outside for this hour everyday. It just makes me feel so much better to see the sun set.

-The city is the most walkable one I ever lived in. You can walk everywhere. I love it. I love it. I do.

-Bonnie and I are supposed to go to 80's night tonight, which should be another fun thing about Madison. Hopefully.

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