Saturday, June 8, 2002

udder stomping

It is Bonnie's birthday and I think she wanted something grand and exciting to happen since she "loves to party," and yet we are here in the library and our plans for the rest of the day don't look too exciting either way.

Possible Way Our Evening Could Go #1: The agriculture boys will remember that they said they were going to take Bonnie out for her birthday a week ago, and it will be an evening with scary, masuline agriculture students.

Possible Way Our Evening Could Go #2: As Bonnie said in her diary, she will end up getting drinks at some restaurant, since I am still underage and all the Madison clubs are no nonsense 21 and up. Or, there is always the trip to the liquor store and more drinking at the Babcock house.

Basically, our times in Madison are sort of losing the spark they had our first few days here. Unless I have alcohol, caffeine, or some combination of the two in my system, I tend to be pretty bored here in this town even though the town itself seems really exciting. Bonnie's wonderful as wonderful can be, but I think after spending two weeks with only one person, any one person, you start to run out of things that you can possibly talk about, since you cannot ask them about their day, since you were their day, as they were yours. We still have yet to obtain employment and have still yet to make any exciting friends, or even any unexciting friends. The ag boys make us uncomfortable and sort of don't talk to us or even make eye contact with us when we are in the kitchen at the same time.

It sounds like I hate this place, which I don't - I really do love it - Babcock House though, makes the experience sometimes unpleasurable. And so, Bonnie and I, have sort of half-jokingly looked at other places to live, with the intentions of just dipping out on the Ag House in the middle of the night without paying our rent. So last night, when Niki drunkenly called us from Florida and told us that we should move to NY with her in the middle of next week, we were all too excited by this idea of just picking up and leaving for not some other house in Madison, but some place in a totatlly different state, some place called New York. We told her that we would, being somewhat enlivened by caffeine and alcohol, and we were off to the Student Union to use the interent, discussing with more urgency and more excitement than probably the entire time we've been here so far, what we would do in NY. Niki, being Niki, does not have a place to live and is none too worried about this little caveat, insisting that it is not going to be a problem to find one. At the library, looking at classifieds, Bonnie and I realized otherwise. We had planned on all sharing some tiny, tiny studio or bedroom since both of us are b-r-o-k-e. broke, but when we actually tried looking for a place to live, we realized how incredibly difficult it would be to find a place in NY to move to in a couple of days. And our balloon sort of popped and we came crashing back down to Earth. Today, we came to the library to spend more time looking at the classifieds, but it seems just as difficult, and I really wish that Niki would just magically find some really cheap place and that we could go off and depart for NY, leaving Babcock House, and its scary residents far far behind. Or as Niki encouraged us to do last night:

"Take the udders of America's dairyland and stomp on them."

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