Saturday, June 1, 2002


malibu: the reason i slept until eleven

the fan that makes our room cool: another reason why i slept until eleven

my bunked bed that i never feel like getting out of because it is so damn high: yet another reason

the farmer's market: the thing i wanted to wake up early for, but which we still managed to get to, and which we bought some food from, but did not see any cows

cheese curds: perhaps my favorite part about living in wisconsin

other things of note: i feel like wisconsin so far has consisted of lots of missed opportunities, of thing missed and botched attempts at living. For some reason, missing an event is so sad to me, especially one you had wanted to go to. It is so frustrating because there's nothing you can do and the event can never be repeated, and who knows how wonderful it could have been. How it might have altered your life for the better. But, it didn't because you were lazy or did not plan well. And it's the feeling of a limp dick.

And last night we did go see Y Tu Mama like we had planned, and that was good. Better than good. Wonderful. And she said, "Life is the surf, so give yourself away like the sea." And I really will try to. No. Strike that. I will.

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