Monday, June 10, 2002

shortly, i am going to bake a cake to celebrate our birthdays and our no longer unemployed status, even though i am not too thrilled about where i am

Great. Tomorrow, Bonnie and I start working for PIRG at 12:30. I have an interview with the campus bookstore at 10:30 tomorrow morning. I am praying to God, to the forces in this world that would seem to make it hard for me to obtain a job other than PIRG, to please please let the Bookstore, against all odds of how they normally operate, offer me a job on the spot, despite the fact that they are doing interviews all week, so that I do not have to go to PIRG tomorrow and go door to door in the heat and possibly rain, having doors slammed in my face, people giving me the dear-god-why-do-you-people- have-to-come-and-harrass-me-at-my-door -as-if-the-phone-is-not-rude-enough,- now-you-must-invade-the-bubble-that-is-my-castle-- where-i-fucking-sleep-at-night look of death, other people verbally turning me down, saying no, no, no, I cannot give you any money, and me sympathizing all to well with them, since I would never give money to door to door fundraisers, and please Bookstore, do not make me one of those people.

The no's can stop with a simple yes from you.

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