Tuesday, June 18, 2002

how does one spell "action"?

We have internet in our room now!!! Bonnie finally got her computer up, and so, today I spent lots of time uploading pictures to the web and being just generally silly. And, I'm not going to write a real entry right now, there will be lots of time for that in the next few days when I am sure you will be sick of my constant posting of introspective entries, while I try to entertain myself since Bonnie will be away camping with PIRG for the next few days. I will say my past few days in a few words: rejected from giving plasma, paid my rent, saw Mates of State at the terrace, saw LoverBoy at the co-op, I'm still jobless, Bonnie still smells vomit on everything because she is insane, and I have drank lots of stolen booze with Bonnie.

Here are the pictures I spent far too long today uploading to the web - there's some naked ones of Bonnie and I. They're fun.

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