Thursday, June 20, 2002

my own personal "savage love"

From : dan savage
To : "charlie q"
Subject : Re: seeking advice about Madison, please help, naked pics included if you do
Date : Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:59:28 -0700

madison is mad in the FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING--when the 40K students are in town. it's dead in the summer. get in your car and drive to chicago.



Dear Dan,

I was excited to hear in your last column that you had spent some time in Madison, WI, because for some insane reason my friend and I have decided to spend the summer here, even though we know not one person here. And so, now I am in Mad-Town and wondering where the "madness" is at, or at least where the madness is if you're a fag. Most everything here seems very hetero-oriented; there are lots of hot boys whose sexuality seems questionable that I see on the street, but seeing as how I'm not positive what their sexuality is, and even more importantly, that I am very inept at hitting on people, very much so (the "very" can not be emphasized enough). Anyways, to the question, one which I am sure none of your other readers will care about, but one which will you will hopefully reply to, and help a boy get some play this summer: Where can a fag meet some other ones in Madison?

Save Our Summer

PS - Since you claim to love naked pics of your readers, here's some silly ones of me:

I showed you the pictures of me in Madison, now where are these rumored ones of you in Madison?


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c/o The Stranger
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