Friday, June 28, 2002

pretty's boy name is justin

In my last entry, I went on for quite a while, and would have gone on for even longer if I wasn't constrained by time, about how incredibly beautiful this one boy at the club was last night. This visage, what seemed like a vision of what a beautiful boy was supposed to like, sent from somewhere, maybe even Brian Adams' Heaven, this boy that I was ready to cream my pants about - yeah, him - well, today on our little tour of Madison, when we were walking through the Terrace, guess who stands up and yells over for Eric to come over and sit with him - yeah, him - the most beautiful boy in the world is appearantly Eric's best friend. This dashing young lad's name is Justin. We sat down with Justin and his volleyball playing boyfriend who is nowhere near as beautiful as Justin.

People, I had to sit across from Justin and not drool all over myself, and not seem too predatory, and hoped that he did not remember me staring at him from across the club last night for way too long. He has this wonderful complexion, and one of those really well-defined and manicured gay male faces, gorgeous green eyes, and really short blonde hair, and I really wish I could sneak a picture of him, so you could understand how red hot this boy is. Okay, and the cherry on top on this little cute boy pie is his motherfucking accent: Yes, indeed, he has a Wisconsin accent. People, I said about two words the entire time we were sitting there - when I am around beautiful boys, I really do become mute. I just sat there most of the time, watching the conversation, and watching pretty boy Justin.

But sadly, my little "date" was not with Justin, but was with Eric, who is also a pretty boy sort of, but dresses real silly (gay male tanktops, leather sandels, and tight jeans). He's a little too buff for me, I guess I am not really attracted by muscle, but instead like lanky boys. We walked all around town, him explaining just about every building to me, which was cute to see him so excited about all these buildings. After we left the Terrace, being a big dork, I told him that I had sort of been wanting to go on a tour of the Capitol ever since I've been in town. And surprisingly, he got real excited about this idea, and so we were off down State Street, where every ten feet we ran into some other beautiful person that he knew. I felt so awkward having to talk to all these people who for whatever reasons intimidated me, my preconceptions about what type of people they must be just because they styled their hair.

So we finally made it to the Capital, and went on the 3 o'clock tour with Jen. If anyone ever goes on this tour, you should try to go the hour that Jen is leading the tour. Picture MTV's Daria as a tour guide, and you would have our tour guide. We were definitly the only people between the age of 12 and 35 on the tour, looking somewhat out of place, but I really like doing touristy things. Our little group was probably about thirty people big, filled with little kids, parents, and familys, and the first thing Jen says is how she hates giving tours to fourth graders, how they all ask stupid questions, and how she has to tell them to shut up, and how she hates people that ask stupid questions, and then gave examples that I'm sure were meant to scare our group from asking any questions. Before the actual tour started, some woman's cell phone rang and she went to the side to answer it, but it took a while for her to do this, and it was still ringing, and Jen sighs "Obnoxious!" real loud, even though this woman's family is still in the tour group. And then it went on from there, with occasional other snide remarks from her, one of them a joke about taxidermy and Wisconsin that was so out of control. You should take a tour from her quick, because I have a feeling that she is not going to be employed there for long, all the families in our group kept looking at each other in dismay when ever Jen would say something uncouth. I am sure that she must get so many complaints.

So we walked back down State Street afterwards, where Eric had to call Justin at 4:15 because Justin is obsessed with order and time, and they were supposed to go watch Justin's boyfriend play his volleyball match at this bar. They wanted me to go, but I declined because I felt like I could not handle being around beautiful Justin for so long, especially while drinking, and while his boyfriend was on some volleyball court. So Eric walked me home, and he's supposed to call me tonight after the game, so we can do something.

But, I don't know if I'll be home because I just remembered that Katherine Dunn (Geek Love) is giving a talk at Canterbury books at seven. So, I'm off to that right now. And PS - I did not apply for one job today, but found out that Noodles and Company is no longer hiring, and so now I offically have no prospects, but am thinking about doing in home care for disabled people since there are like a million of those places hiring. I'll feel real bad about quitting those after a month, but you know, I really do need money, I am so broke right now.

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