Friday, June 28, 2002

"If you smoke like I smoke, you get high like everyday

I am so excited right now, and there is so much that I want to talk about, but I don't know how much time I have to update here. I am very shortly supposed to go on what I guess is sort of a date, with this boy Eric, who I met last night at Rainbow Room. He is going to give me the grand tour of Madison, which I actually am really excited about.

Last night, Bonnie and I went to this concert that I won free tickets to off of WORT, and so, since we were just going to hear some tiny rock bands, I didn't bother to make an effort at looking nice at all, instead wearing this grungy gray t-shirt with a very noticable wine stain on it, and a pair of blue worker pants. The concert was held at the Corral Room, which is this tiny little restaurant thingy with everyone sitting in the booths listening to the band, and a huge open floor in the center where tables probably used to be. The band wasn't that good, and we were sort of uncomfortable since we couldn't sit down like everyone else, but instead had to stand back by the bar. After the first band finished their set, we executed our escape, and made for the door as quickly as possible, deciding that we would go to the Rainbow Room since it was only two blocks away, it was Stripper Night, and a bunch of Bonnie's friends from PIRG were going to be there.

The other couple times we have been to the Rainbow Room, there have not been the most savory people there, and so, I would have felt perfectly attired in my aforementioned scruffy outfit, but last night was like hot, fashionable boy night there or something. There were so many boys that were beyond red hot, that made me even more excited about this little town called Madison, that there were so many hot gay guys here. We got there before the PIRGers and so stood around drinking and watching the same two strippers rotate performing real silly dances. The strip show was real dissapointing, just because I am used to Wet in DC, where there is no actual stripping - there are a bunch of strippers who dance on the bar naked, waving their dicks in your face, and so compared to DC, this strip show was real tame.

But, of even more interest to me than the strippers up on stage, was a certain boy on the other side of the stage. I could pretend to be looking at the stripper, but really stare at this beautiful boy, who really is the prettiest boy my memorey thinks it has even seen. Ask Bonnie, he was just such a pretty boy.

Soon, Bonnie's PIRGers arrived, and Rebecca brought her gay friend was visiting her, Jim. And oh my god, I really did not say one word at all to Jim last night, I was too scared to even make eye contact with him. I just kept stealing glances at his wrists, which were so tiny and beyond beautiful in their delicateness. Hot, fashionable boys always intimidate me so much, especially when I am dressed so so unfashionable. So yeah, Jim=red hot. And because of this, I spent very little time around Bonnie and the PIRGers, if that makes any sense, because Jim made me very insecure. Which meant I ended up talking to so many random people last night. I met two boys, excited about both of them, before I started talking to Eric, who made both of them seem real unexciting. I talked to Eric for so long at the bar last night, and when Modjo's "Lady" came on, I made him dance with me, which was so much fun. Then we went back to the bar and talked still more, sometime during which, Tom came and talked to me, and told me that his cell phone had died or something silly, but he also looked so cute, and so I am again determined to get with Tom sometime this summer.

Bonnie and I were both drizzityunk, and so neither of us were in a very suitable condition to drive when they were closing the bar, and Eric offered to drive Bonnie's car home for us. And so, he did, making him seem even cooler, especially when he talked in French and Italian to Bonnie. He hung out in our room for a while, talking and drinking, before we drove him home. And I walked him up to his building, and we kissed and it was so, so wonderful, and so what I have been wanting forever. He wanted me to stay with him, but I was silly and declined, because I sort of didn't want to and also because I was feeling sort of sick for drinking so much. So, I kissed him some more goodnight. And then after a really nice kiss, I broke away, before he could ask me again to stay with him, before I changed my mind, and ran back to Bonnie's car and said good night again.

Ahh, and he just called and I'm supposed to meet him now for our little tour, so I've gots to go.

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