Wednesday, June 5, 2002

adventures in job hunting, part # who the hell is keeping count at this point

Sadly, many peoples predictions are proving true about how hard it would be to find a job in Madison for the summer. Not many places are hiring, and the few that are, are not hiring me for whatever reasons. This is starting to become a little depressing because our daily activity of job-hunting is no longer even possible because we have pretty much already applied at every place that is hiring. Tomorrow, I am going to call Whole Foods and the Campus bookstore and harrass them some more about my application. And, then if by tomorrow afternoon, we still are jobless, we are going to call the evil entity known as PIRG. There is no question that they will for sure hire us. But, there is also no question that neither of us really wants to work for PIRG - in fact we sort of would rather be bovine semen collectors.

Both of us have had our brief flings with PIRG that were not the best of experiences. Bonnie did it in Seattle last summer, and I did it in DC, the summer after high school. I really only did it for two days, but oh god, was it some horrible stuff, going door-to-door and trying to get people to give money to PIRG (Public Interest Research Group - a progressive public advocacy group that in seeming contrast to their stated progressive goals, exploits legions of young workers, making them serve as their foot soliders to beg for money, and paying them shitty wages all the while). I am utterly horrible at convincing people to give me money, and appearantly Bonnie is just as, if not worse at getting people to give money. So, that is our option right now until we get another job.

Another option for cash that I am going to call about when I get home is giving plasma. I just picked up the new Onion, and there is a huge ad in it saying:

Did you know you can save lives and


by donating plasma?


New hours beginning May 28 * It's fast, safe & easy!
Call or stop by for an appointment:
Badger Plasma Center
39 University Square Mall
Downtown Madison * 256-2110
People helping people, for life!

Thank god for capitalism.

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