Sunday, May 29, 2005

All right, last night I watched Pretty Woman again because TBS loves to show the same movie all weekend long and my roommates were all watching it. It was not nearly as good as when I watched it in that maudlin mood of Friday night. When I was watching it Friday night, I was thinking about my enjoyment of it and how much pleasure this fluff movie gave me and I felt mildly guilty about ever having looked down on this genre of movies and the people who take enjoyment from them, the people who really just want love so badly that they are pricked and made sad by the same drama played out large with attractive stars and a soundtrack.

Last night, however, I was no longer in that mood and could not watch the movie nearly as earnestly. Also, during the movie, Zach did end up calling. I saw his name, pressed silence so it would stop ringing, and stared at his name on the little screen, really happy that he called. I let him leave a message and listened to it, telling me that I should go to Metropolitan, but since I had three dollars, I did not go and did not return his call. Later on, while I was watching the original Ocean's Eleven, he called again, and that made me so happy. I looked at the phone and could not not answer it, his name there, me so happy, and I told him I was not going to make it out last night. He said we should watch Swingers in the afternoon today, and so supposedly he is going to call me to hang out. And I need to get over the fact that we are not going to make out and not be disappointed to just hang out with him, because he is a really cool person and he would make an excellent friend.

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