Friday, May 13, 2005

I am going to do some tricky juggling this evening that, should it work out (which it must), I will have enough to pay all my rent, my electric bill, my bus ticket home tomorrow and still have some money left. At 5:30, I am going to go see the regular who called me this morning. I had been sort of hoping I would hear from him all week, having gotten so used to him setting something up just about every three days. But finally he called, and this after I already have plans at seven to go do some jackoff photos for an amateur photographer.

Uh yeah, so I am supposed to be able to get hard and get off twice within a couple hours with two different old men. I postponed the photoshoot until eight thirty to give me time to get there and time to hopefully restore my sex drive. But when the shoot is over, I will have made 325 today, enough to calm my nerves and my landlord's. I am slightly worried about my penis not being in the mood at eight thirty, but it will because my mind knows this is necessary, this money. This will be my first time seeing two people in one day, and basically back to back, so I am slightly nervous, but whatever, pressure is where it's at. Life would be boring without those expectations and the nervousness you get before trying to summit them - it'd be nothing without that nervousness, that rush of adrenalin from being a superhero, and the joy afterward when you don't fall between the buildings you were jumping between. You can't have that joy of safely landing if you never have to take the jump.

I am a little worried about my mom's life today. I have yet to talk to her since I heard this morning about the closing of Fort Monmouth and so don't know how, and if, this will affect her. A little background: Right now, she works at the Pentagon but is marrying someone in September who works at Fort Monmouth, and had just bought a house in New Jersey with him, and was planning on transferring to work there in September. So yeah, I am a little worried that she just bought a house for a place that she is not going to end up working at. So where will they live, I wonder. I will find out this weekend when I am in Virginia, I guess.

I am excited to get on that bus and ride. There is something so nice about the anticipation of being in a moving vehicle passing over bridges and looking at the sky. Of course, half an hour into the trip, I will probably be ready to get the hell off that bus. Every time I have ridden it, there have been some horrible audio disturbances, either loud Asian pop music blaring over the bus speakers or someone next to me who yells in her (always a her, always) cellphone for the whole four hour trip. On my to do list today is to buy a pair of headphones so me and Morrissey can cuddle the whole trip.

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