Tuesday, May 3, 2005

My roommates are asleep so I don't want to be in here, the living room, typing for too long, but tonight I went with Niki and Paul to Jaymay's show at the Living Room and it was really good. It was really weird to catch snatches of conversation before and after the set, of people talking about how good she was, about how he looked at her site, and yeah she always plays small venues like this, about how it's crazy that she is not signed yet. I was very excited for Jaymay hearing all these hip looking strangers talking about her.

Then I walked with Paul over the Williamsburg Bridge and saw the skyline and realized again that I do love this city, that I could not imagine any other place more wonderful. I was sad that some of my friends couldn't or can't see that. I thought about my neighborhood and the sad news declared today that it is going to change drastically, trying to imagine what it would look with all those high rises by the water.

I drank a beer with Paul and I wanted to drink another round and Paul said he wanted to go and I encouraged him to, and I was giddy about being at a bar by myself, so proud of myself that I was sitting in a bar by myself since I have never really intentionally done so, not without waiting for someone else to show up. I felt so liberated. This feeling lasted for about two sips before Wyatt showed up and said hi and then I talked to him and this boy he was either friends with or flirting with, and I couldn't decide which, but was hoping the former because I thought the boy, Zack, was so cute. Brown hair, brown eyes. I imagined myself in bed kissing with him. It seemed so natural. I really wanted to flirt with him, but knew it was not allowed, that Wyatt was into him, or possibly so, and I hung out with the two of them, listening to silly stories. Zack, talking about some acid church. Wyatt, talking about how he liked the Damien Hirst show. I gagged dramatically.

I walked home, thinking how such simple purchases, phone bill, DVD, beer could use all the money I made today with the old man, the money that would have been half my rent. I thought about this only until I saw a puddle and thought about how much I love the streets after it has rained when there are those after rain scents, the puddles reflecting the lights we produce to fend off the night.

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