Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I can stare at these sides of buildings forever, layered one behind the other, some brick, come concrete, varying heights, and that spring sky hanging over them. The view from my living room window when I am smoking is awesome.

Again, I have been listening to Viva Hate all day long. Same as yesterday, same as the day before. I cannot get enough of this album.

I have a new cellphone, nowhere near as nice as my lost one. No longer can I take bored pictures of myself with my phone late nights waiting for the subway. It is kind of big too and doesn't fit so comfortably in my jeans pocket. But, I have a phone and I am again able to be in constant contact with all of you. I don't have anyone's number anymore, so if I had yours or if I should, you should tell me your phone number again. You can email me at [redacted]

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