Sunday, May 8, 2005

Oh my god! I have a crush, biggest crush in so long. Niki is asleep on my couch. She is not the crush I am talking about. His name is Ryan. I was staring at him at the Barry McGee opening, which I will talk about later because it was FUCKING amazing - but yes, staring at him, eventually talking to him, him telling me to sit next to him, him flirting with me, my crush flirting with me -- then later, I ended up at Lit because that's where the open bar was and where he was, talked more, flirted more, and I am beyond smitten. He live in my neighborhood. He is hot as hell. He likes art, books, and dancing and he complimented me nonstop. I am so smitten. We exchanged numbers because I had to leave to return a video due my eleven.

A crush, a hot crush likes me back!!!!!! I am so giddy. I was so suave. Niki was impressed. I did not freak out and jump up and down and scare him away, but played it cool and things went so well. This is how I am proceeding from now on. Uh uh uh! Excuse me, while I daydream and think about how awesome tonight was. And I didn't even mention Taco Bell!

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