Thursday, May 5, 2005

slo jams

Sadly, I cannot go see them tonight, but if you are free, you should. Even though I could find nothing about them on google, Slow Jams is playing a show tonight in Greenpoint, says Todd P.

TONITE there's an awesome spazzy / sloppy / Providence-ey noise show, curated by Colin from USAISAMONSTER, happening at the Kingsland Tavern - a beautiful old Polish working-class bar with a huge half-moon art deco bartop, terrazzo floors, faded depression era murals, gorgeous picture windows looking out onto Nassau Ave, and a cozy event room in the back. Cheap Zywiec!

Thursday May 5th @ the KINGSLAND TAVERN

:: Slow Jams ----------------------------------> from Brooklyn
:::: OVO ---------------------------------------> from Italy
:::::: White Mice -----------------------------> from Providence, Load Recs
:::::::: Joshua Hydeman --------------------> from Boston
:::::::::: 2 Dead SlĂșts, One Good FĂșck ----> " "

Yesterday, I downed lots of Tiger Beer at Hiro with Niki, feeling vaguely out of place in such a bougie bar but enjoying that feeling. Then Queer Metal night. Then sleep. Now galleries and thanks to Jamie, I am going to go see the Fischerspooner show for free. If anyone hears any future dates for Slow Jams, let me know.

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