Sunday, May 8, 2005

part two

So really, the motivation is a little lost after this few hour break. The events have been recalled again with Niki's pessimism, making my optimism with which I was earlier going to tell the story seem like just that, optimism. Niki even called me delusional earlier. Keep that in mind as a counterweight while I tell you about Ryan. While in the exhibit at Deitch Projects, I was staring at the cute boys and their cute outfits and there was this one, in particular, dressed in a mod brown suit and Niki agreed that he was way cute.

Later outside, Paul knew his friend and so I ended up talking to the cute brown suit boy, Ryan. We clicked really well and kept talking outside even as our friends went back inside. He told me to sit next to him. I did and we talked and it was awesome and there was none of my typical displays of behavior when I am around a crush. There was no screaming, no fidgeting, jumping up and down and telling inappropriate information. As they say, I played it cool. And as people tell me all the time advice wise, this is how you get people to like you. It worked and I later talked to him more at Lit where there was an open bar, told stories, danced a bit, and then sadly, I had to leave. The fucking video, Six Feet Under, due back by eleven. I was thinking fuck the video, pay the three dollar late fine, but as you may or may not know, I am not at liberty to drop an unneccesary three dollars here and there. So I left, but not before exchanging phone numbers and him taking photos of me. All good signs, right?

Well, let me play the role of Niki and stomp on my lovely Sunday afternoon fantasies about making out with a cute, smart boy. A few times early in the night, he thought my name was Chris. Not too terrible in my book since I have trouble with names, especially when drinking, but Niki brought this up again and again when I just tried to exclaim how dreamy this boy was. "Charlie," she would exclaim in that finger wagging tone, "he didn't even know your name!" But by the end of the night, he called me Charlie. And then, oh yeah, there was mention of a boyfriend in Montreal, but there also was flirtatious touching on his part. So yeah, basically I don't know. I will see what happens when, and if, we talk. But I am hoping good things because I have been stalking him this morning via the internet and found him on various sites. There is this Friendster thing, this MySpace thing, and his website. And I probably should not have tracked him down because knowing that he likes many of these things I love is sort of going to make it hard "to play it cool" as they say, that my crush grows by leaps and bounds when I know that someone likes awesome things.

But in other awesome news, that Niki also tried to stomp on, I received a paycheck from The Princeton Review for $250 even though I have collected all my paychecks and I have not worked there in nearly two months. I don't understand it at all, but it could not have come at a more perfect time and now I only need another two hundred by this Friday. Also, I am going to Virginia this weekend to my sister's graduation. Oh yeah, also she is a Fulbright Scholar and is going to Indonesia for a year and puts me to shame in any sibling comparison and I don't care because I got money for nothing and there is a cute boy who I think likes me. Life is awesome, sha, la, la. Sing it with me.

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