Wednesday, May 18, 2005

in order

of how excited I was made by looking at these various shows yesterday:

Nobuyosihi Araki at Yoshii [The jerk of an attendent almost tempered my love of the photos. She would not give me a press release or even let me read it there, citing gallery policy, but now, I see that it is posted on the fucking gallery's site. What a jerk! I hate the Upper East Side! I want fireballs to send it and everyone that lives there into the sea! When I was walking there, I was so disgusted by all the black nannies pushing around white kids. It was right around the end of school and it was sunny and the streets were full of black woman carting around white kids. Sometimes I cannot believe this is the twenty-first century. But I digress.]

Neo Rauch at David Zwirner

Amy Gartrell at Daniel Reich

Gregory Crewdson at Luhring Augustine

Richard Prince at Gladstone


Other things of note:

I got a blowjob from that sixty three year old today.

I sang David Bowie and Shangri-las last night at karaoke and think that I am not going to get to make out with Zach, that he just wants to be friends. He told me about other people he wanted to have sex with. But I might go to an open bar with him tonight in SoHo.

My checking account was closed after being overdrawn for about a month, so now, I am without a checking account.

The weather is, and has been for the last few days, awesome.

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