Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Yesterday felt good. I did one thing and then another and then after a glass of wine in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to pass up the chance to do something, to sit on my couch and I didn't, I threw on shoes, scrubbed the wine stains off my teeth and went out did a thing and then another thing and then yet another. After watching What the Bleep Do We Know? a couple days ago, I have gotten a second wind and am just doing things, not thinking about doing them and the time involved, but just putting on shoes and leaving the house. The movie was cheesy and earnest but there were little nuggets of wisdom that are good to be reminded of every now and again. That we are creators, have the ability to determine what we will do and what we won't, and that positive thinking is the best kind.

I had a job interview yesterday at a yoga health food store in the West Village to be a cashier, and most likely I will get it and start this Friday. Then I walked around town, went home, had the wine, and then dashed off to the Queer Fist meeting, which no one else showed up for except the host, Peter, whom there is a very cute picture of in this week's Voice on the Tear Sheet page. So then I went to Niki's store, had some sangria with her and Adam and then went with them to the "Tedious Limbs" show at Deitch Projects last night. It was cute, ironic video pieces. Ironic and hip, of course, the only type of art Mr. Deitch likes to show. It doesn't mean that they are not good, they were. They were hilirious. The free beer helped the humor go further than it might have with a sober crowd. Paper Rad had one of their Gumby videos, but the standout was Slowjams Band. They jumped around on a trampoline, the three of them in front of the video screen. It was juvenile pot jokes, but it was so awesome and I cannot find out much about them because there name is hard to search for without bringing up crap. But lots of people seemed to know them and their routine, chanting Slow Jams Slow Jams before they took to the trampoline.

Walking around SoHo to pee with Niki, we walked past Michael Stipe who was sitting on a stoop with a nineteen year old looking gay fanboy.

Then I watched some music videos at Niki's before walking to the train, waiting forever for it to come since it only seems to run on one track every single week now at night. Walking home, I ran into Chris and told him to come up to my apartment to drink beer and talk to me. I talked to him about boys and it was awesome. Today holds just as much potential for interactions. I am a little late in getting started, but that is okay.

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