Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I know I have said this before, attributed my out of controlness to this specific type of alcohol, but I am going to do it again merely because I really think it is true. Certain types of liquor produce a certain type of drunkeness. No one disputes the distinction between being drunk off beer and that of being drunk off wine, but not so many people claim a distinction between being drunk off of the various hard liquors. Rum for me is a distinct drunk, a completely inhibitionless horny person, out of control to the nth degree.

I will say that my lips are sore today and a little overdry. I was make out crazy last night, but not only make out crazy, everything crazy. I went to the Cock with Joe because it is closing soon, moving to the Hole, and for me, the Cock in that location is the scene of so many wild nights, of the excitement of New York that I was hoping to find when I came here - and when I first went to that bar on a Monday night two or so years ago because that was the night where they didn't have a cover and they played really fun music, I was totally smitten and liberated in ways I had yet to be. I went there pretty much every Monday night for the first year I lived here, and only after that much time did the thrill of the place eventually start to wear itself off. The place is the diviest bar in atmosphere I can think of in New York. It has no embellishments, barely any lighting, let alone mood lighting. It is small space with painted black walls, signs taped up telling you to watch your wallets, that people steal them. There is something so magical about the place. No one goes there to meet a nice boy. Everyone there has sex on their mind somewhere and the acknowledgement of this gives the place an honesty and a grunginess that you really cannot find anywhere else.

And yes, perhaps because I thought it might be my last time in this place, this place that really when gay-hating fundamentalists conjure up imaginary scary scenes of gay life, this is the place that they would be thinking of, if they knew it really existed. People snorting drugs in the bathroom. Public sex on the dancefloor. A small, smokey place packed full of underdressed men looking for, or having sex. And yeah, there was lots of beer consumed at my house and then there was lots of rum consumed at the Phoenix and then at the Cock, and I started dancing with this really hot boy, and then in a blur of events, he came in my hand after we had exchanged blowjobs. And I probably should have come then also, that it would have made my numbers a little smaller, but instead there would be three more dicks in my mouth, my dick in three more mouths. The last boy was also really hot and really out of control, that even in my already out of control state, I was like whoah, this kid is naughty. He was giving me head in the stall, really wanting me to come in his mouth and meanwhile there is some angry homo that has pushed his way into the stall and is yelling about how he has to use the bathroom and this boy, the one giving me head, ignorning him, and I finally quit and left the stall because the angry homo was being very persistent about his need to use the stall.

Um yeah, so what did you do last night?

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