Saturday, June 4, 2005

There was no warning. Thursday, I woke up and coulnd't even swallow spit down my throat without it hurting, my throat was so sore. By mid-afternoon, I was crashed in bed, literally delirious and having the shivers. Painful, painful headaches whenever I left my bed and stood, shooting pains at the top of your spine, pains that made me wince these horrible open mouthed faces whenver I walked to the bathroom. A runny nose that had to blown constantly even though that made my head ache like hell.

Yesterday, less severe, but all I ate was soup, still slept basically all day, sweated profusely and generally was of the opinion that dying must certainly be less painful. Today, not nearly as bed. Still have terrible headaches and a constricted throat, but no shivers, no delirium. Thursday, I really thought I was going to die and it really scared me that I did not have health insurance. Being delirious from a fever, having waking dreams, is no good, however cool it may sound.

I better feel fucking better tomorrow.

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