Monday, June 20, 2005

Saturday night was fun. It led to me sleeping most of yesterday away except for the brief trip to get a bj from the regular. I was pretty drunk at the bar and broke free of Misshapes and drank a wine cooler on the street when I ran into Wyatt and did some coke with him on the street. Then I danced a lot, danced really silly with Niki (think Romy and Michelle), and stayed really late. Sometime after four, I found a twenty on the dancefloor. That was perhaps the most awesome part of the night. Sadly, however, it looks like the race is still on to see who can get their grin on the internet first.

I might go out tonight to a place where it will definitely not happen, but perhaps because of that, probably more so because of other factors, the raunch factor mainly, it is my most favorite bar in the whole wide world, and a bar that will be closing soon. The Cock is going to take over the Hole but that is not right by the L Train and there is already Boysroom right be the Hole and similar in dimensions to the Hole. I just do not think that the new space will be anything like the current one, the current one that only has couple more weeks of life in it.

The article is accompanied by a Ryan McGinley photo.

I am hungry even though I have been eating all day. I finished My Loose Thread, and realized I am a lot more receptive to Cooper than I used to be. I used to problematize Cooper's perverse plots, thinking them too willful - back when I had issues with representaion, and was bothered by Cooper's characters' (homo)sexuality being the reason they are all fuck-ups and murderers - but I have gotten some sense, lost those equally willful concerns of mine, and let the text be read without those readings. It is a really sad, gorgeous book. I am going to have to purchase his other books, of course, only if I can find them at the Strand where I still seem to get my discount.

Like, you see, earlier, I would have labeled his style as purposefully incendiary, his plot turns as shock tactics and dismissed them, but I don't think Cooper is there behind his computer anymore thinking, "Let's see, what I can do that will provoke people? I know, I'll write a story about a killer gay teen who sleeps with his younger brother." But rather, this is just the natural stuff that comes out of him, that this is what goes on in the recesses of his brain, but also ours, and it takes reading this stuff to realize that these fantasies are somewhere latent in you.

Now I am reading another book that centers around incest: Nabakov's Ada, or Ardor, one of his later books. His later books are dismissed by some as too much, overwrought in their difficulty. And the prose is a little absurd, but that definitley seems to be part of the point so far. The phrase "mind on fire" is the title of an Emmerson biography, but that phrase pops into my head whenever I think about Nabakov. There are writers I like better but I wouldn't dare name of them a better man with words. He's a genius for language in a way that I really only think non native speakers can be. Like when you hear a non native speaker use a really odd phrase and you think how beautiful it is because it makes the words new, it uses them with an awareness of the definiton of each word, that is Nabakov except to the nth degree. And since he was able to write in just about every major Western language, his verbal skills and plays on words are out of this world. I am enjoying it, am only thirty pages into it, and have already said wow a couple of times at ideas proprosed or elegant sentences. I might say wow once during a whole book or not at all, but a couple times in the first thirty pages, man! This has me real excited about the other six hundred.

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