Thursday, June 30, 2005

past present future

Last night, I saw Richard Hell give a reading at the Astor Place Barnes and Noble's.

This morning, I bought some bananas and bagels from the store for one dollar and thirty two cents, paid for with eleven dimes and one quarter. In my little satchel were a thing of salmon cream cheese, a package of beef ravioli, and two Amy's burritos. I have nineteen dollars to my name. My rent is due way soon, in theory tomorrow, but really whenever I have the money and I need to do some serious sex work all weekend long to make some money - that and hide from my landlord.

Tonight, because why try to make money or worry about not having any, when you can go out to a fun party and drink for free, I will be doing just that - going to the Deitch Brooklyn space for a book release party where supposedly assume vivid astro focus is supposed to perform (?).

Tomorrow, hopefully will involve not sleeping off a hangover so that I can job hunt for both real jobs and sex jobs (read non real).

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