Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thunder is burping somewhere not too far away and my living room is getting darker because the sky outside it is and I am tired and will probably either watch Orpah, nap, or more likely, nap to Oprah. I just watched A Dirty Shame and enjoyed it way too much. The first half was awesome and I could not believe that it was sustaining itself. The energy, mine, wore off during the second half, but I imagine drunk or stoned, I would love to watch this movie again. Some parts are just too good.

And because I know you are all curious as to the exact date of the Cock's expiration date, I did a little investigation last night. More like I saw JonJon Battles at the Metroplotian, where I did not sing you will be pleased to know, and I asked him. The last night of the old Cock is July 10. The new Cock opens the very next day, July 11, with JonJon's Homeskool night continuing. So yes, July 11, I will be doing my best to sully a new bar, break it in.

Coffee and Oprah! That's what I'll do.

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