Thursday, June 23, 2005

Really, I should wait till tomorrow to tell this story better, to tell it sober, to tell it when my roommates are not asleep so close to where I am typing and probably wondering What, what can he possibly need to type at three in the morning, and so I will, I will wait, and I will just say this because I said it to myself on the subway ride home, bragging to myself and so giddy that it finally happened, however brief it may have been, it was awesome, and yes:

I kissed Zach! I kissed Zach! La la la la! I am the happiest boy ever! Fuck the luckiest and fuck the lower east side. Fuck Stephen Merritt, who was at the bar where the kiss occurred because I am luckier and Brooklyn's been cooler for years. I kissed Zach! La la la la! And that chorus will carry me off to sweet dreams, to bed.

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