Sunday, June 5, 2005

All right, I just realized that I am not crazy, that is not all the Dayquil's fault, but it is really probably ninety degrees in my living room. I thought it was the Dayquil's fault that I was sweating like crazy today while on the couch. After walking to Walgreen's, I realized that no, it is fucking hot in this living room. I am already dripping sweat and I just got back in here. This is the third shirt I have worn today. I have already sweated through two.

Anyways, yes, the sickness. It's ending tomorrow I decided. This is now four days I have spent inside and I am pissed. I have missed a lovely weekend, many awesome events. I missed the Daniel Reich opening I had been so excited about. I missed Ethan's birthday at Metropolitan. I missed the barbeque there also today. I am right now missing Stache where JD is spinning. And tomorrow, I am going to quit missing these things. I bought some milk at Walgreen's last night and you know what that is for?

That is because tomorrow I am indulging in the vices that make my life enjoyable, damnit! Or, at least some of them. Maybe I won't be smoking or drinking tomorrow, but it has been nearly a week now since I have had a cup of coffee and tomorrow, I have having one - that it is what that milk was purchased for. Tomorrow, this shit better be out of my system, because I am going to live like it is. Man, I wanted to dance to JD so bad. I am way pissed about the timing of my illness. But, I guess there is something exciting happening every weekend that you would miss if you were sick.

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