Tuesday, June 7, 2005

I don't know why I have read references to this Domsey's thrift store because as far as thrift stores go, it is pretty unspectacular. It is cheap for New York but there is nothing really there. I found a couple of cool t-shirts, but I can find cool t-shirts anywhere. I have a pretty wide definition of a cool t-shirt. It doesn't take much.

And it was hot, and I had a beer at three in the afternoon and just bought a little bottle of vodka that I am going to try to wait till it is dark out to drink, but a nice cool glass of vodka would be so nice on this sweltering day. I think most other people want a slushee or coke when the sun is beating down on them, but my body does not work that way, my body is Homer Simpson's and starts salivating over the words slowly drown out, beer, as if it is water and you are in the desert. Cold beer on a hot day is the best. Summer is the best even if I am sans new exciting summer outfit because Domsey's was a total bust. Tomorrow is supposed to be ninety again. Maybe Coney Island?

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