Friday, June 17, 2005

someone please prevent from drunk communications

I am drunk and I will tell you more about my night tomorrow when I am sober, but really, I think this email just sent may say enough, if not all that needs to be said:


i think you may have thought i was drunk, which i
most definitely was, but i was very serious about
what i proposed to you about wanting to be one of
your sex boyfriends. i don't see why the option
of casual sex should be totally rejected just
because we dated for a brief time. i find you
absurdly attractive and this is why i jump up and
down every time i see you, basically because i
want to make out with you. so yes, i want to be
considered for the position of one of your sex
bfs. anytime you feel like it, call me
917.202.XXXX. seriously.


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