Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Of course, it is tonight that they are showing Rize, the David LaChapelle directed doc about break dancing for free outside. It is coming to theaters sometime this summer and I can just wait to see it then and will probably enjoy it more without kids, bugs, and the heat. I say of course, because I just confirmed plans to go to Bowery Ballroom to go see Sloan and the Redwalls with Jamie.

Summer of free concerts is continuing tonight. I really like saying Summer of... Two summers ago I kept on calling it Summer of Pop Music because all I wanted to hear was "Crazy in Love" over and over again, and just about every summer I will at some point drunkenly declare the summer, Summer of Sluttiness. Why is it so fun to call things Summer of? I've never done this for Fall, Winter, or Spring - the summer is the only one privleged enough. Summer is that blip in what is otherwise your year, when the weather changes, when your plans do, you're off from school or remember that this was the time when you were and everything is up in the air, anything is possible and it just starts with a declaration to yourself and your carmates at the beginning of the roadtrip: All right guys, are you all ready for the Summer of _____?

I slept with the sixty three year old today and felt pretty disgusted by the end of it. On the subway ride home, I could not wait to get in my shower and put soap on my body, make it smell like new. The reasons are so many why I need a job.

The sun and the heat are intense today. It reminds me of stepping out of air conditioned cars on roadtrips, being hit by that hot air, reaching for your shoes to stretch because the ground is too hot not to wear them.


As I said earlier, Grizzly Bear is awesome. They have tons of songs for the listening up there and also some on their MySpace account. They are playing this Thursday at Bowery, but I am not paying fifteen to go see them because 1.) This is the Summer of Free Concerts, and 2.) Perhaps more truthfully, because I am broke. But they are playing a free show on the 25th at the East River Park.

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