Wednesday, June 29, 2005

everyone knows me

Seeing an act play twice in so short a span of time, a performer who is not really a live performer, is probably not the best idea especially when you love their record. But last night I went and saw Annie again, this time at Hiro. Whereas last time she had a backing band, this time she just had a dj who played her tracks and she sang next to him. She seemed fairly wasted and it is hard for me to get into music live when there are no instruments. It was still really fun dancing around, getting all sweaty.

I was wearing this shirt, which I had bought earlier in the day for two dollars, this really awesome shirt that for whatever reasons this hole in the wall vitamin shop was selling. I ended up going back later in the day and buying another one, one to cut up into a sleeveless shirt. It is a faux Members Only pullover jacket with these diagonal stripes on the front. It is by far my best clothing find in a long time. But I soaked it through and got on that subway afterward with my roommates and it felt so good, the subway, its air conditioning drying my sweat, cooling it into something non wet, non sticky. I normally don't desire air conditioning, but this week, I want it so bad. New York is kind of a hippy town in this way. Probably more poor, or more outdated than hippy in the fact that the buildings don't have AC. But these summers are pretty hot and sticky and most people don't have AC. There is something really awesome about that. But not today, not when I cannot even think as I attempt to write this here.

But yes, I am distracted because of the heat. Come back to this site in the fall if you want to read something that makes sense, something good because I am pouring sweat and I met a boy last night. I got off the train, said bye to my roommates and headed to Metropolitan where I met this guy R and he was hitting on me and telling me nice things and then later on in the night, I ended up talking to one of his friends, who asked me what I do and I don't lie and I told him that I sleep with dirty old men. Right at this point, R, who I told this too, but who thought I was kidding, heard this and was shocked and made some comment along the lines of, "You're an escort! Oh my god! I can't date an escort. Everyone knows me!" And granted, he is a minor figure in the NY nightlife scene. I have seen his name attached to lots of parties, but still, the seriousness with which people take themselves is crazy. And then only half-jokingly he told me that I didn't need to do that, that he had money, that I was too beautiful for that.

And here is someone associated with debaucherous nightlife and still worried about being associated with a sex worker. This says it all - about libertine poses struck and where lines are drawn. In some ways, I think New York is more provincial than other places. People are progressive to a point and you find out where this point is when you tell them that you do sex work. It's sort of fun to have this bomb to drop at one of the most commonly asked questions, the what do you do question, and you can make people so uncomfortable. There is such a wide range of reactions to it.

Um, really, it is too hot for this, but I was leaving the bar and he was surprised because I had jokingly agreed to go back to his apartment and do coke with him, and he asked me if I wasn't going to come home with him. And this may surprise most of you who know about my love of free coke, but I told him no, because my desire for greasy food even outweighed by desire to get totally blitzed and I went to La Bonita and stuffed my face with a bacon, egg, and cheese, telling this R who everyone knows that I had to wake up early. But he told me he'd take me out to dinner in a week when he gets back into town, so if that happens that'll be exciting, to go on a date. Oh, also I made out with him at the bar and he has a really long tongue, a la Gene Simmons, and I am not sure if I like this or not, right now I am leaning toward or not.

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