Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Um, okay, yeah. Three words and when they are all implored in one sentence you should worry, especially when it's me that's employing all three as one sentence. Because, um, yeah - another three to make you wary - I just had sex with some random boy, perhaps man, at Niki's store party. I equal out of control and I knew this when I was locking the bathroom with this boy who I just had started talking to perhaps two minutes earlier and you now was dry humping against a wall at a party. I don't know how it started, really - but I think he was a married fashion designer. I had had three glasses of gin, maybe that's why.

I still can smell semen and then even though I only had one toke of this stranger's pot, I got so incredibly baked. On the subway ride home, I was laughing at the top of lungs, uncontrollably, because this mom and her son were exchaning one of those uncontrollabe, private laughs and it reminded me of so much and I lost it, laughed so much, got stared at, tried covering my mouth but could not help it. And now, that post-jacking off high and that stoned high, I am going to karaoke at Metropolitan, where all considering, I should obviously not sing, but watch me, if you dare, try, try, and try.

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