Saturday, June 18, 2005

I finished John Gregory Dunne's Nothing Lost this afternoon and moved right on to Dennis Cooper's My Loose Thread, which is different in major ways obviously, but also similar in some respects. I am really liking Cooper's sparse prose after coming off so many typical fiction novels, where the writing is of that certain style.

Anyway, I was looking at the listing for it on Amazon when I realized Amazon has these functions that I have never noticed. It identifies the phrase "naked pictures" as a "statistically improbably phrase" with five instances of it in Cooper's book - surprisingly only one other book having more instances of that phrase. But it also has a concordance that lists the 100 most used words in the text and gives you the stats of the book, word count, etc. This is going to be another way that I waste time now, by looking at these features on all the books I love.


Addition: I just tried looking at other books to find that most do not have these fun features enabled.


Also, I would really like to read his latest, The Sluts, which is about online sex workers, but fuck paying fifty dollars for the limited edition hardcover. The paperback, however, does not come out until October!

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