Friday, June 10, 2005

Last night, I went to a party for Genre magazine at the Highline bar in the Meatpacking district. Doesn't that sentence terrify you? Genre magazine and a bar in the Meatpacking district - it would have been way awful had there not been an open bar, a raffle, and two cute boys that I stared at all night long, or at least for the two hours of the open bar. Sadly, I didn't win the raffle and I didn't even talk to either of the boys, although David did push me into one of my crushes, so I made physical contact with one in a really juvenile way.

It is hot and sticky in my apartment and the roomies are gone for the weekend, and so I am lounging around in my underwear all weekend long. I am reading John Gregory Dunne's Nothing Lost, which is really good in that gritty crime fiction way. I hear echoes of things that Joan Didion would write about and want to read his nonfiction, specifically Monster, which is about the two of them working for Hollywood writing a script. I remember reading one of the essays in Quintana and Friends when I was working at the Strand and hiding in the aisles reading whatever I could. I am really excited about the news I read on Maud Newton that Didion has written a book about grieving Dunne, The Year of Magical Thinking. I want to obtain a proof of this so bad. Anyone know anyone at Random House that will help me out?

Speaking of people with jobs, I need to be one of those people. The rent is due. I have to pick up my paycheck from the Princeton Review today and also have to do some sex work today or tomorrow so I can pay my rent. It is too hot to be in the house during the day now. I need a nice cool place to go to in the daytime, someplace that will pay me money to sit in their air conditioning. The past few days I have been waking up around eight exactly because that is when the sunlight starts to hit my window at a certain angle and heat up my room to the point where I can not comfortably sleep. I like that. I like the heat because I never want to sleep in it. It makes me more alert, less lazy.

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