Monday, June 6, 2005

I have already taken two showers today and there very well may be a third one lined up for later today. It is summer. It is ninety outside and even hotter inside and I am sweating nonstop. Normally this is what I love, but just coming out of sickness, it is not so pleasant. The air is hazy outside and I could not find a fitted twin sheet that wasn't a poly/cotton blend at any of the little crap stores on Grand Street. Who the fuck would sleep on polyester sheets, especially in this heat? Get the fuck real.

I did, however, find a two dollar pair of sunglasses that is either totally awesome or totally hideous depending on whether you are cool or not. Um, I had never heard this Ying Yang Twins song "Wait" until today. I downloaded it after reading a reference to it. Wow, yeah it is dirty and a little troubling, but it is pretty perfect with the whispering - the effect is hot. It's summer time, it's too hot to say things other than it's hot and get the fuck real, too hot to really talk to you or myself about much, however much I would want. My hands are sweaty from contanstly wiping off the sweat that never seems to stop from pouring down my forehead and really it just makes typing a little nasty. But I cleared my camera today and really there was absolutely nothing on it besides pictures of myself and pictures of my room. I really need to start taking pictures of my friends and my life, that that is what cameras are for right, to visually record these moments. But here are some pictures of dusk and near dusk and some pictures of me with no hair because I chopped it all off because it is fucking too hot for that shit, too hot not to talk in obscenities, and also notice my fucking hot two dollar sunglasses.

I love this so much, when it is dusk and it literally settles on your windowsill, that blue sneaks into your room. I love that!

This is the view from my living room window. This building is so gorgeous in the setting sun. That red is unreal. I love that too! I love everything!

I especially love these sunglasses.

And I even more so love how wearing sunglasses sort of induces you to ham it up a bit. You can do all the silly things you want and it's okay because you are wearing sunglasses! When I was walking home with these on, I felt a lot more goofy and confident. Sunglasses totally give you that I am star and fuck you because this is my world attitude. I love that too.

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