Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In good news, I found a really awesome list of free summer shows. But the bad news is that looking at this list, I realized (and did not realize this earlier because I am a space cadet) that the free Grizzly Bear show and the free New Pornographers show are happening on the same today. I could probably go to both, but it would be tricky, it would leave me in the back of Prospect Park far away from the stage, and I probably also wouldn't enjoy N.P. after being out in the sun all day long already. This is what is known as a dilemma.

The Redwalls were okay, nothing special, the bland rock that you will see in used CD bins in great number pretty soon. Sloan were better seeming, but I had also had two beers in between the two sets, the lighting was better and so really they had everything in their favor and when Jamie said that it was the dark lighting that made them sound better than the brightly lit Redwalls, I tried to resist the notion that I could be so easily manipulated. But I closed my eyes to try to not see the lighting situation the band was in and it was true, they weren't nearly as rocking sounding with my eyes closed. I didn't even stay for their whole set before I went back home on the J train. I did not look out the windows as we went over the bridge.

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