Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Fuck yeah!

That is how good I feel right now. I don't have a job, I don't have any prospects, I don't have any good news, and I am fairly broke, but, but - and this is a gigantic but that negates anything else, anyfuckingthing - I am alive! And not sick anymore!

"That show is gansta!"

The DJ on Hot 97 just said this about Hell's Kitchen which I watched last night and enjoyed so much. The DJ related how out of control the chef was, one particular incident when customers came to complain about the slow service, and he told them to go back to Plastic Surgery Land. The show is so awesome!

I've got distracted and I am going to be distracted all day because it is a good day and I am not feeling crappy for the first time in a week. Three things that have made my morning: the throwback at noon on Hot 97 with awesome old school songs that I danced around my living room to, iced coffee, a giant glass of it, and a Newport cigarette. Those three things have made me so happy. Today, after I finish this giant glass, I am going to go to find this legendary Domsey's thrift store and hopefully find some rocking summer outfit (come on, booty shorts!), and then because I am fairly broke and shouldn't be making these unnecessary purchases that I will surely make at Domsey's, I am going to cruise Craigslist and try to do some sex work.

Sum-sum-summer time!!!!!!!

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