Saturday, June 11, 2005

lcd soundsystem setlist

We had about two hours until they were to take the stage, so we went to Roll Roaster right across the street from Webster Hall, enticed by their advertisement proclaiming pitchers of beer for $3.95. We split a small pizza and consumed two pitchers of beer and then crossed the street, smoked a cigarette and went into the show.

They started off the show with a lovely version of "Beat Connection," - it was so nice to hear these synth songs performed for the most part live, there was one person with a synth machine, but two guitarists, a drummer, and James Murphy's awesome voice, and him occasionally taking a break to beat the hell out of a drumset or a cowbell. The bass guitarist was dressed in a white shirt and jeans. He was young, short, and cute. He was sex back there behind James Murphy, his arms sweating, this look in his eyes, and pumping at his guitar like a fucking maniac. It's so common reading guitarists as sex gods, seeing them with their hands by their groin showing their agility and making a stroking gesture over and over intensely - and then they're sweating too - yeah, it's so typical for people to love guitarists for this reason, and whatever, I am so typical, but I wanted to fuck that guitarist so bad last night.

Surprisingly, "Daft Punk is Playing at my House," was their fourth song. I was sure that they would have saved that for their last song or their encore - but it was a good choice because that loosened the crowd up and a bunch more people danced for the rest of their set. And surprisingly, that was not my favorite song of their set. They played a long, awesome version of "Losing My Edge," lit just by the disco ball per James Murphy's request. For some reason, I did not have that song - but I downloaded it as soon as I got home and if you don't have it on your computer or on some listening device do so - it is sad and funny and brilliant.

I love how James Murphy looks like this beer loving frat guy and then he gets up to the mike and makes these crazed sounds. His voice is awesome, seeing him beat the hell out of a cowbell is also awesome. I left that show so sweaty, so dehydrated. That is a good show, when you spend ten, fifteen minutes afterward cooling off on the sidewalk outside, catching your breath, letting all that sweat dry. So fucking good!.

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