Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ha! I was rereading those messages I wrote to Matt and I noticed that I didn't even type my phone number right. So really, there was just the slightest expectation, however unrealistic it may have been, that Matt might take me up on the offer and call me - but now, I guess I can banish that delusion since I am not even capable of writing my phone number when I am drunk.

In other news, nothing is new. I am probably going to go out, get drunk, and dance at Misshapes with my roommates. Jillian and I, the other night drunk, talked about our love of looking at the Misshapes and Lastnightsparty pictures, our (not so secret) desire to be on there, and decided that this is our goal, to see who can get on there first. And yes, throw the paint at me, call me a hypocrite in light of what I wrote not even a week ago decrying that mentality - do that, and then come dance with me.

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