Sunday, June 26, 2005

My landlord is crazy, by the way. An hour ago, she told me someone was going to come look at the windows in our apartment. Before she told this to me, she knocked on my door for about two minutes. I was shaving, hungover, tired, and really did not want to answer the door, thought she would go away and I could come downstairs after I showered to ask what was up, but she kept knocking and told us that an hour someone was going to need to look at the windows. There is never any notice with her about things like this.

I have more contact with my landlord than most people and it's because they are so chatty and different culturally where you go knock on someone's door about anything and expect them to answer the door and ah! Anyway, so they finally came up here and all the windows were fine and did not need to be replaced. They went to see Dara's room to see about the windows there. She opened the door and said, "Oh my God!" because it is like a little kid's room with clothes stacked all over every surface of floor space and she said, "How is anyone supposed to be able to work on the windows with all this stuff?" And gently, even though I was way annoyed, I told her that you can't give someone an hour's notice especially when the roommate with the room in question is not home and expect miracles.

I am updating this during the Pride parade as you may be noticing, and earlier, I had been so excited to go, but yesterday wore me out. I don't want to be in the sun anymore - I got so dark yesterday. I may go to the Metropolitan later today to celebrate pride with free bar-b-q. Last night, I was at that bar also and ran into Dave Park and Gillian and Liz when I had been going to meet Dave Byers and Joe to go to that blue party. I never made it to the blue party. I stayed and talked to Dave and Gillian, and then when they left, I stayed and talked to Zach, who was in a depressed mood and was saying thoughts I know I had thought at some point in the not too distant past but which I couldn't relate to. He was lonely and having bad luck with boys and jobs and telling me how sad he gets when he sees these happy pairings that radiate cuteness. And I didn't even notice all the pairings until they were pointed out by him. I am happy and I know it and sadness isn't hot, however much I may sometimes think I would love Morrissey, and today is awesome. Life is. Sorry, it is too hot to talk in anything but exclamations.

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