Wednesday, June 8, 2005

summer shows

All right, I am still on a summer kick. The heat does something to my music tastes, mushes them to what can very validly be called crap. I love pop music, the radio kind, when it is really hot outside. Yesterday, at least I was listening to pop hip hop on Hot 97 and that is a little more high on the music ladder than what I am listening to today: KTU 103.5. It is a Florida station is what it is. It is bad remixes of pop songs, the occasional old school song thrown in, Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode - it is just what I want to hear on this hot day. My roommates are leaving town tomorrow for the weekend, and it is going to be a nonstop KTU dance party here at Palindrome Grand Street. I am pretty excited about this weekend. I think it is going to start tonight with hearing Stephen Merritt spin at Nowhere.

This afternoon, I am going to go see this guy I see often and will make some money and then will just have to see one other person sometime tomorrow or Friday and I will be set for rent and for playing on this my birthday weekend. But yes, tomorrow there is stuff going on in the evening, open bars and such. Friday is motherfucking LCD Soundsystem for free courtesy of Jamie. Sunday, my birthday, I don't know what I am doing yet, but I want it to involve dancing and getting wasted but I can't think of any awesome places that I love to dance at being fun on Sunday. The best I can think of is Park which sort of always annoys me. There is always the option of Metropolitan. And there is also the Puerto Rican Day parade to dance at during the day. There is a Grizzly Bear show in the afternoon at Union Pool. And there is an Architechture in Helsinki show at the Knitting Factory, but I think I am going to put them off until Monday when they play at Northsix. I am really excited about this summer and all the free shows and the news that Bonnie told me yesterday that she is going to be here for the weekend of the Siren Festival. This summer is going to be so great. The free shows that I have found so far that I am really excited about.

6/10 - LCD Soundsytem (free for me)
6/13 - A.I.H. - not free, but cheap and according to Bonnie, awesome.
6/24 - Cassandra Wilson - Central Park
6/25 - New Pornographers - Prospect Park
6/26 - Tegan and Sara - Central Park
6/28 - Annie - Hiro (free again!!)
7/14 - Ozomatli - Prospect Park
7/16 - Siren Music Fest at Coney Island w/ Mates of State, Spoon, and a million more
7/17 - Brazilian Girls - Central Park
8/4 - Patti Smith - Central Park
8/7 - MIA - Central Park
8/24 - Chuck Brown - Jackie Robinson Park

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